Equal Pay Day 2018: How to Negotiate at Your First Job

Source: Marissa Miller, Teen Vogue, April 10, 2018

Not negotiating is not an option. …

….Women continue to make an average of 80 cents for every man’s dollar, but research shows everyone wins with gender-based pay parity. The McKinsey Global Institute found that moving towards a more egalitarian workforce could add up to $4.3 trillion in annual GDP by 2025. But at the rate we’re going, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research finds women will only see pay checks equal to those of their male counterparts in 232 years. (And if that sounds bad, remember that women of color, on average, face much larger pay gaps than white women. While Asian women have the smallest gap between their wages and those of white men, the AAUW reports that Hispanic women average 54 percent and black women 63 percent of what white men make.)

Thankfully, trailblazers like Libby Leffler, VP of membership at SoFi, are working at the local level to enact real change. With stops on her resume including Google and Facebook, the business executive has negotiated her salary at every position she’s held with the expectation that her employees will to do the same (and as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s former business lead, she’s fluent in the language of Leaning In). In honor of Equal Pay Day, April 10, Libby talks to Teen Vogue about everything from negotiating your worth to never taking your group texts for granted…..