Millennials’ Retirement Saving Behavior: Account Ownership and Balance

Source: Rui Yao, Guopeng Cheng, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, Volume 46 Issue 2, December 2017
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From the abstract:
Among the generations, the Millennials are the largest group in the United States. Compared with their parents and grandparents, the Millennials need to assume more responsibility to prepare financially for retirement. Few studies have analyzed this generation’s retirement saving behavior. Using data from the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances, this study examined the state of Millennials’ retirement savings, including retirement account ownership and balance. Results showed that only 37.2% of Millennials had any account designated for retirement. Among those with a retirement account, the average accumulated amount was $21,333. Factors that affected retirement saving behavior included age, education, total household income and assets, job tenure, self-employment, having a retirement saving motive, having a defined benefit plan, overspending, and risk tolerance. This study provided insight that can help financial planners and educators, as well as policymakers, understand the Millennials’ current retirement savings behavior. Also, the results can help the Millennials engage in saving for their retirement.

Awfully few millennials have retirement accounts
Source: Sheena Rice, Futurity, March 6, 2018