Harassment-Free Workplace Series: A Focus on Sexual Harassment

Source: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), January 31, 2018

Organizations must proactively create a culture that does not tolerate sexual harassment.

With increased attention on sexual harassment in the workplace, organizations have begun to reassess and revise their sexual harassment policies. Many HR professionals believe they have a clear picture of what is happening in their organization. However, much of the sexual harassment that employees experience or observe goes unreported. In addition, employees may be unaware of their organization’s sexual harassment policy, even though many organizations have policies in place.

To help organizations address the serious issue of workplace harassment, SHRM launched its year-long research initiative, the Harassment-Free Workplace Series. The first part of this series focuses on the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. The infographics below provide insight on the perspectives of two groups surveyed as part of this series, HR professionals (SHRM members) and nonmanager employees.