Inequalities in Life Expectancy Among US Counties, 1980 to 2014 Temporal Trends and Key Drivers

Source: Laura Dwyer-Lindgren, Amelia Bertozzi-Villa, Rebecca W. Stubbs, et al, JAMA Internal Medicine, May 8, 2017

Key Points:
Are inequalities in life expectancy among counties in the United States growing or diminishing, and what factors can explain differences in life expectancy among counties?
In this population-based analysis, inequalities in life expectancy among counties are large and growing, and much of the variation in life expectancy can be explained by differences in socioeconomic and race/ethnicity factors, behavioral and metabolic risk factors, and health care factors.
Policy action targeting socioeconomic factors and behavioral and metabolic risk factors may help reverse the trend of increasing disparities in life expectancy in the United States.

Life Expectancy Can Vary By 20 Years Depending On Where You Live
Source: Rob Stein, NPR, May 8, 2017

There’s more grim news about inequality in America. New research documents significant disparities in the lifespans of Americans depending on where they live. And those gaps appear to be widening, according to the research. ….

US Life Expectancy 1980-2014, by county, both sexes, at birth