How we built an app that uses worker location history to combat wage theft

Source: Abhinav Suri, freeCodeCamp blog, March 20, 2017

….Furthermore, this study estimates that workers across the country lose a collective of $50 billion per year due to wage theft.

Even though this study was conducted eight years ago, many workers today are still vulnerable to wage theft and therefore must sue to receive their fair monetary compensation. Moreover, the process of creating strong cases for victims of wage theft is difficult and time-consuming. This prospect is difficult because in many situations, clients have no work records, making it difficult for legal clinics seeking damages for that employer to win back the full owed sum.

Frequently, lawyers must rely on the clients to remember and then construct a schedule of their whereabouts for several months, which makes for a weaker case. That is where this story begins.

Over the past semester, my team and I at Hack4Impact had the opportunity to work with Community Legal Services of Philadelphia (CLS), a pro-bono legal clinic which has served over one million low-income Philadelphians since its founding in 1966.

We were tasked with creating a website to analyze a client’s Google Location History and create a timesheet for all the times a client entered and exited a user-inputted workplace. Since most of CLS’s clients carried Android phones and had not disabled location history tracking, this solution would prove to be incredibly helpful as a starting point for reconstructing a client’s court-admissible time sheet for their case, saving CLS lawyers + paralegals hundreds of hours…..