NCPERS 2016 Public Retirement Systems Study

Source: National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems, December 2016

In September, October and November 2016, the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) undertook a comprehensive study exploring retirement practices of the public sector. In partnership with Cobalt Community Research, NCPERS has collected and analyzed the most current data available on member funds’ fiscal condition and steps they are taking to ensure fiscal and operational integrity. The 2016 NCPERS Public Employee Retirement Systems Study includes responses from 159 state, local and provincial government pension funds with more than 10 million active and retired memberships and assets exceeding $1.5 trillion. The majority –77 percent– were local pension funds, while 23 percent were state pension funds…..
NCPERS 2016 Public Retirement Systems Study Dashboard
Since 2011 NCPERS has conducted the annual Public Retirement Systems Study that surveys nearly 200 local and statewide public pensions. It is the most comprehensive survey of its kind and provides information on investment experiences and assumptions, plan administration and operations, and trends, innovations, and best practices.

With the issuance of the 2016 NCPERS Public Retirement Systems Study, in addition to the static pdf of the survey we have provided a dynamic interactive dashboard powered by Tableau to supplement the study. The dashboard will allow you to manipulate and search the survey results so that the data is refined to your specifications. Among the benefits is that you can compare survey results to plans similar to yours in size, participant composition, and plan type.