Unequal public-sector pay in Connecticut? Yes—taxpayers are getting a bargain!

Source: Monique Morrissey, Economic Policy Institute, December 6, 2016

From the summary:
The Yankee Institute for Public Policy has published a report claiming that compensation for public-sector workers in Connecticut is 25 percent to 46 percent higher than for comparable workers in the private sector. The report was written in 2015 by Andrew Biggs, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. His findings are at odds with careful research finding that public-sector workers typically receive compensation lower than or equal to comparable private-sector workers, with lower salaries partly or fully offset by better benefits….

Biggs’s selective sample and nonstandard methods drive his flawed results:
• Biggs’s findings are based on a cherry-picked sample of workers. ….
• Biggs uses nonstandard control variables to eliminate the remaining pay penalty for public-sector workers. ….
• Last but not least, Biggs inflates the cost of retiree benefits in the public sector while minimizing their cost in the private sector. ….
• Workers without college degrees are compensated somewhat more in the public sector than in the private sector, whereas those with college and graduate degrees are compensated somewhat less. ….
• The lower compensation of college-educated workers in the public sector offsets the higher compensation of those with less education. ….