One in Five Female Clinton Voters Say Husband or Partner Didn’t Vote

Source: Betsy Cooper, Daniel Cox, Rachel Lienesch, Robert P. Jones, PRRI/The Atlantic Survey, December 1, 2016

“Consistent with reported voting patterns in 2012, more than six in ten (63%) voters said they voted on Election Day, compared to 37% who reported voting earlier. There were no significant voting pattern differences between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Among eligible voters who did not cast a ballot, the most frequently reported reason was negative feelings about the candidates (36%). Nearly one-quarter (23%) of eligible nonvoters said they did not have enough time to get to a polling location, and a similar number (21%) reported they did not vote because they were not registered. Roughly one in ten (11%) eligible nonvoters said they did not vote because they believe the election system is rigged. Clinton had less success than Trump in converting supporters into actual voters. Only about three-quarters (76%) of registered voters who reported that they were supporting or leaning towards Clinton in late September and early October reported actually casting a ballot for her. In contrast, 84% of those who reported they were supporting Trump ahead of the election said they voted for him. There were few defections on either side, with only 2% of early Clinton supporters turning to vote for Trump and 2% of early Trump supporters casting a ballot for Clinton. However, voters who supported Clinton ahead of the election were nearly twice as likely as those supporting Trump ahead of the election to report that they did not cast a ballot in the 2016 election (13% vs. 7%, respectively)…”
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