HR2020 Shifting Perspectives: A Vision for Public Sector HR

Source: International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR), 2016

From the press release:
The HR2020 research report serves as a critical roadmap to public sector HR professionals on how to transition from an administrative to a leadership role within their organizations. The overall perspective of the taskforce is that HR professionals exist in a rapidly evolving world with volatile economies, major environmental impacts, rapid technological changes, and the changing needs of the workforce. These changes require HR professionals to think differently about how to shape government agencies that deliver services to citizens. Because the business of HR revolves around human capital resource management, HR professionals have the opportunity to help fundamentally influence and shape organizational outcomes by identifying future trends and assisting in navigating successfully through them.

The HR2020 report framework contains the critical elements required to help HR professionals bring the future into focus. The framework does not specifically address the technical expertise of the HR profession; rather, the framework is intended to sit on the foundation of that body of knowledge. The framework creates a roadmap of how to build on technical knowledge to create a transformative roadmap and achieve organizational success.

The framework starts with three critical lenses: business acumen, innovation, and strategic orientation. The taskforce believes HR initiatives designed to move services from transactional to transformational need to be viewed through these lenses to be effective. The taskforce also identified five key areas HR needs to invest in programs and services so that their roles can be strategically positioned to be drivers of change and innovations. These five areas are leadership, culture, talent, communication and technology.

HR2020 Shifting Perspectives: A Vision For Public Sector HR (Free Webinar)

The IPMA-HR 2020 Taskforce released a report in September that sets a framework for planning, communicating and implementing HR services that will meet the strategic and tactical needs of organizations. The framework includes three lenses of Business Acumen, Innovation, and Strategic Orientation that HR initiatives need to be viewed through to be effective. The taskforce identified five focus areas: Leadership, Culture, Talent, Communication and Technology.