National Health Care Expenses Per Person in the U.S. Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population, 2014

Source: Marie N. Stagnitti, Agency for Healthcare Research Quality, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Statistical Brief #493, September 2016

– In 2014, the proportion of persons with expenses varied widely by type of service, with large proportions having expenses for ambulatory services (75.9 percent) and prescribed medicines (61.4 percent) and much smaller proportions having expenses for home health care and other medical equipment (20.4 percent), and hospital inpatient services (6.6 percent).
– Overall, the mean and median expenses among persons with any health care expenses in 2014 (85.1 percent of the population) were $5,531 and $1,372, respectively.
– Mean expenses for persons age 65 and older with an expense ($10,890) were more than twice the amount for persons under age 65 ($4,430).