The Future of Worker Voice and Power

Source: David Madland, Center for American Progress, October 2016

From the introduction:

….Increasing worker voice and power so that workers can join together to advocate for themselves should be the top economic priority for progressives, but getting to where America needs to go will require a comprehensive reimagining of our labor system. Existing proposals such as the Workplace Action for a Growing Economy, or WAGE, Act are an important part of this modernization, but they should be understood as part of a broader effort.

There is a need and an opportunity for a bold agenda that delivers both higher wages and greater productivity. This agenda would restructure our labor system so that it promotes growth and helps firms expand while ensuring that workers have a voice on the job and get paid for their contributions. Boosting productivity is a big deal because making more with the same or less resources is what allows for improvements in our standard of living over time, as well as what is necessary to protect the environment.

These are goals that progressives, and indeed all Americans, should support. To get there, we will have to modernize U.S. labor law…..