Black workers’ wages have been harmed by both widening racial wage gaps and the widening productivity-pay gap

Source: Valerie Wilson, Economic Policy Institute, October 25, 2016

From the summary:
Participants in the ongoing discussion about how to remedy centuries of economic inequality experienced by African Americans generally fall into one of two camps. One group calls for explicitly race-based or racially targeted solutions, while the other group supports race-neutral, or universal, progressive economic policies and programs. This brief focuses on the damage done to typical black workers’ wages in recent decades and demonstrates that progress on both fronts is necessary to undo the damage. Specifically, widening black-white wage gaps and growing overall wage inequality between 1979 and 2015 imposed a dual penalty on black workers’ wage growth. Therefore, a dual strategy is necessary to put black workers’ wages back on a trajectory that lets them share in the fruits of overall economic growth while also closing persistent gaps with white workers.
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