Welcome To The Next Incarnation of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Source: Kate Aronoff and Ethan Corey, In These Times, September 12, 2016

Our Revolution has big ambitions, but is still figuring out its role within the movement. …. At more than 2,600 watch parties across the country, some 40,000 supporters—joined by hundreds of thousands more on social media—watched Bernie Sanders launch Our Revolution on August 24, an offshoot of his campaign dedicated to carrying the political revolution through November and beyond.

The group has already trained its sights on a number of progressive objectives, but also spurred debate on what the future of the broader movement might look like: Who can claim it, how is it organized and should Sanders’ own inner circle play a role? ….

….This year, Our Revolution is backing seven ballot initiatives (from campaign finance reform in Maryland to single payer healthcare in Colorado), mobilizing to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership and supporting several dozen candidates (mainly for state House and Senate seats). Beyond 2016, Our Revolution hopes to build a base of activists and elected officials who can translate the Democratic Party platform—which includes the expansion of Social Security, debt-free college and a public option for Obamacare—into policy…..