Police services detention centres: a proposed solution for action

Source: Phil Woods, Don Leidl, Lorna Butler, Jason Stonechild & Janet Luimes, Police Practice and Research, Online ahead of print, September 9, 2016
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From the abstract:
Police services face daily challenges dealing with the health issues displayed by individuals in their custody. They often find themselves isolated from the services that can help the most. This paper scopes relevant literature on these challenges and some of the interprofessional interventions which have emerged to address them, such as the diversionary practices of crisis intervention teams, street triage, nurses in custody suites, and court liaison and diversion. Remote presence technology is proposed to be an innovative solution that can help to provide more efficient and effective pathways for care in Police Detention Centres. Remote presence technology has the ability to significantly affect the way interprofessional collaboration can take place for those in police custody.