It’s time we reinvented labor for the 21st century

Source: Thomas Kochan, The Conversation, September 2, 2016

The link between labor’s decline and stagnating worker pay has convinced some politicians that we need to rebuild unions. What we need are new labor policies for tomorrow’s workforce….
Have we forgotten the true meaning of Labor Day?
Source: Jay L. Zagorsky, The Conversation, September 2, 2016
The holiday began as a strike against excessive workweeks but now bears little resemblance to its worker-centric origins, even as the founders’ gains are slowly lost.

Labor Day 2016: Six essential reads
Source: Bryan Keogh, The Conversation, September 3, 2016

…. Last year, we published a series of articles on unions – their decline and why they still matter. To celebrate Labor Day, here are highlights from that series as well as from our more recent coverage….