The Never-Ending Struggle to Improve Head Start

Source: Lillian Mongeau, The Atlantic, August 9, 2016

The federal government has invested billions in preschool, but there’s still lots of room to grow….. Today, Head Start is nearing the end of a decade of big reforms, meant to improve quality and get closer to meeting the goals that Johnson laid out for it when he announced this new front in his War on Poverty. Simultaneously, cities and states are increasing their public preschool enrollments slowly, but steadily. If all continues apace, the largest public program in the country could be just one step ahead of the locals, creating a roadmap for how to operate a public preschool program big enough to serve more than 1 million children without sacrificing quality…..

The Underestimation of America’s Preschool Teachers
Source: Lillian Mongeau, The Atlantic, August 16, 2016
One city’s attempt to professionalize early education could be a model for the nation.

What Boston’s Preschools Get Right
Source: Lillian Mongeau, The Atlantic, August 2, 2016
After a relentless focus on quality in the early years, the city is even bringing lessons learned to later grades.

Why Does America Invest So Little in Its Children?
Source: Lillian Mongeau, The Atlantic, July 12, 2016
How the U.S. became one of the worst countries in the developed world for kids under 5