Reducing Long Lines to Vote

Source: Spencer Overton & Jenalyn Sotto, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, August 7, 2016

From the blog post:

The Problem:
Wait times to vote are longer for people of color. In November 2012, some polling places in communities of color had wait times of up to 7 hours. Nationwide, average wait times to vote were 12 minutes for white voters, 13 minutes for Native Americans, 15 minutes for Asian Americans, 19 minutes for Latinos, and 23 minutes for African Americans.1

Long lines reduce turnout. One study estimated that long lines deterred at least 730,000 Americans from voting in November 2012, which averages to over 14,000 voters deterred per state. (By comparison, only 537 Florida votes determined the 2000 presidential election.)2 Long lines in just one county can reduce overall turnout and determine outcomes in federal, state, and local elections. ….