Office Ergonomics Evaluation in a Naturalistic Work Environment

Source: Jia-Hua Lin, Stephen Bao, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Publication #:62-3-2016, 2016

An ergonomics evaluation study was conducted for Insurance Services – Support Services within Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. The objectives ofthe study were:
1) To identify ergonomic risk factors that may be associated with updated technologies that the existing guidelines might not take into account.
2) To measure physical exposures to workers from current tasks and office equipment, and compare with historical trends

….The results showed that workers spent a slightly more time on computers than 7 years ago, with an additional increase of other tasks at the desk. The employees were at their desk, sitting or standing, for about 74% of the time, and 44% of the work shift was spent for data entry in the current study. In comparison, 80% time at desk (performing data entry and other desk tasks) and 60% for data entry in the 1991 study…..