Is Class Warfare Back? The Sanders Phenomenon and Life after Neoliberal Capitalism

Source: Bob Master, New Labor Forum, Online First, Published online before print August 11, 2016
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…. The Sanders campaign made it possible to imagine building a movement powerful enough to end oligarchical control of our democracy, to avert the planet from climate disaster, to wrest control of the economy from the stranglehold of Wall Street, and to implement the criminal justice reforms, jobs, and education programs that will begin to repair the damage inflicted by four hundred years of institutionalized racism. What follows are thoughts about issues that should be considered as we enter the next phase of the Sanders movement.
1. A new national left party or a single unified organization is unlikely to emerge from the Sanders movement, but let us build something. ….
2. The question of race must be dealt with upfront. ….
3. The new movement should mobilize around a limited agenda that takes on issues of economic and racial exploitation, on one hand, and the reclamation of our democracy, on the other. ….
4. A massive program of grassroots political and economic education must be launched. ….
5. An openly socialist current should be built within the new movement. ….
6. The “political revolution” must be driven down to the level of school boards, city councils, county legislatures, state government, and Congress. ….