Interactive: Comparing wages within and across demographic groups in the United States

Source: Kavya Vaghul, Austin Clemens, John Schmitt, Washington Center for Equitable Growth, August 23, 2016

Hourly wages among U.S. workers vary enormously by gender, race, and education level. This simple interactive tool provides a way to see just how much wages vary within and across demographic groups.
The interactive begins by displaying the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentile hourly wages for people of any gender, race or ethnicity, and education level. The 10th percentile worker is a relatively low-wage worker, who earns more than 10 percent of all workers, but less than 90 percent of all workers. The 50th percentile (or median) worker is the worker right in the middle of all earners, making more than the bottom half of all workers and less than the top half of all workers. The 90th percentile worker is a relatively well-paid worker, who earns more than 90 percent of the workforce, but less than the top 10 percent. Over the period 2011-2014, the 10th percentile worker earned $8.91 per hour, the median-wage workers earned $17.81 per hour, and the 90th percentile worker earned $42.59 per hour (all wage rates have been adjusted for inflation and expressed in 2014 dollars)….