What if More States Expanded Medicaid in 2017? Changes in Eligibility, Enrollment, and the Uninsured

Source: Matthew Buettgens and Genevieve M. Kenney, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & Urban Institute, Quick Strike Series, July 2016

From the summary:
If the 19 states that have not expanded Medicaid did so in 2017, up to 5 million fewer people would be uninsured with the largest drops coming in Texas, Georgia and Florida.

Key Findings:
Groups that could see the largest uninsurance drops, if the states expand Medicaid:
– Adults without kids (3.6 million)
– White, non-Hispanics (2.4 million)
– People with only a high school education (2.2 million)
– Full-time workers (1.3 million)
– Hispanics (1.2 million) and Black, non-Hispanics (1.2. million)