Critical Consciousness Development Impact on Social Justice Movement Giving among Wealthy Activists

Source: Laura J. Wernick, Social Work Research, Advance Access, First published online: July 7, 2016
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From the abstract:
Scholars and practitioners have suggested that people with privilege organize their own communities to affect greater action and leverage their power and privilege; however, little research has examined how such a model functions. Emerging research suggests that transformative organizing (TO) models can be modified to effectively move people with class privilege to take action while maintaining accountability to marginalized communities. Financial giving is a measurable social action goal that serves to both support greater economic equity and fund social justice movements, an important goal of movement organizers. The study reported in this article used data drawn from a mixed-methods case study. Ordinary least squares regression analyses suggest that the impact of participation in a modified TO model on giving is positively associated with critical consciousness development, particularly for white participants. Furthermore, the effectiveness of this approach appears to be strengthened when coupled with creating a giving plan.