A Strike, Huh? Boss’s Idea Pans Out

Source: Alexandra Bradbury, labor Notes, June 29, 2016

Perhaps someone in the administration of the Hale Nani nursing home has frustrated ambitions as a fiction writer.

That’s one way to explain the employer’s creative interpretation of events. The facility in Honolulu, Hawaii, lets workers wear their choice of casual clothes on paydays. But when employees picked union T-shirts with the slogan “better staffing now!” one payday in March, the nursing home sent them home for it—then charged them with an unlawful strike.

The Labor Board dismissed Hale Nani’s bogus charge in June and pointed out the nursing home was the wrongdoer here, since the workers had the right to wear union shirts.

Maybe employers should be careful what they wish for, because in May, the Hale Nani workers went on strike for real. Their three-day walkout was over several unfair labor practice charges, including the firing of certified nursing assistant Rhoda Magaoy, a prominent union supporter…..