Early Childhood Investments

Source: Elizabeth Whitehouse, Council of State Governments, Capitol Research, May 2016

From the summary:
As states look to trim budgets and focus on programs that have proven results, early childhood programs have shown high return on the investment of taxpayer dollars on long-term nonacademic indicators. Nobel Laureate James Heckman cites data that show early interventions such as high quality early care and education programs provide greater return on investment than high school and post school interventions and are on average much less costly. …. According to Heckman, early childhood investments pay dividends for the life of the child. Each $1 invested returns $60 to $300 over a child’s lifetime. In the 2015-16 budget cycle, 32 states and the District of Columbia increased funding appropriations for pre-kindergarten programs. While eight states decreased funding amounts for pre-kindergarten programs, overall funding at the state level increased by almost $767 million. ….

Excel Table: “Total State Pre-K Funding”