The Gender Pay Gap Is Bad. The Gender Pay Gap for Women of Color Is Even Worse.

Source: Rebecca Leber, New Republic, April 14, 2015

Women, on average, earn 22 percent less than men, or 78 cents for every white man’s dollar. This fact is everywhere, especially on Tuesday, Equal Pay Day. The day itself is meant to symbolize this figure, as it takes women three-and-half extra months of work to earn what men make year-round. …. There is a problem with the 78 percent statistic, but not the one critics say. That figure obscures the fact that most women of color fare worse than white and Asian women. It is a national average, across all races, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compared to what a white man makes: Hispanic women earn 54 percent, followed by black women at 64 percent, and Native American at 65 percent. (The wage gap closes somewhat for women of color vs. men of the same race or ethnicity). ….