The Facts on Public Pensions

Source: Jennifer Burnett, Council of State Governments & Center for State and Local Government Excellence, April 7, 2016

From the summary:
Public pensions continue to be a topic of great concern to state policymakers across the country. Struggling from years of insufficient contributions, combined with longer-living retiree populations, many states face mounting public pension liabilities. Understanding how your state’s plan compares to others around the country and having access to reliable data about pension plans are both essential to making evidence-based policy decisions. This FREE CSG eCademy session, presented in partnership with the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, offers background on the state of public pension systems and introduces a free tool which can be used to inform debates about retirement security issues: Public Plans Data.

Jean-Pierre Aubry
Associate director of state and local research, Center for Retirement Research

David Craik
Pension administrator, Delaware

Elizabeth Kellar
President/CEO, Center for State and Local Government Excellence

Bert Scoglietti
OMB director of policy, Delaware