2016 Public Sector Employment Outlook

Source: Melissa Paluch, HR News, Vol. 82 no. 3, March 2016
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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that 2015 ended with 5 percent unemployment, which comes close to the level economists consider full employment. As 2016 cranks up, and against a backdrop of crashing oil prices, tightening money supply from the Federal Reserve, and little excess in the number of job candidates, what is the employment outlook for the public sector?

To investigate this, IPMA-HR conducted its 12th annual Employment Outlook Survey of members. The number of respondents (n=977) was similar to last year’s all-time high (n=1,058). As in previous years, human resources professionals from local, city and county governments were most apt to respond (77 percent), mirroring the composition of IPMA-HR’s membership….