Source: U.S. Government Publishing Office, 2016

From the Q&A:
What is govinfo and how do I access it?

govinfo is GPO’s beta website that will eventually replace the FDsys website. The availability of this new website has no impact on the content, metadata, preservation repository, application of digital signatures, or any other back end processing of the content. This means all content available through this site is the same content you would get through the FDsys website. Simply put, govinfo is the new front door to accessing the same content and it is available at

Is everything that is available on FDsys available on govinfo?

Right now, all content available on FDsys is available on govinfo by conducting searches and clicking the format links in the search results. You can get to any pdf, xml, text or any other content file that is available on FDsys.

However, not all browse pages or detail pages have been built yet for every collection. For a list of all collections and publications and how they are currently available, refer to What’s Available below.

What are the differences between FDsys and govinfo?

govinfo is the new front door to accessing the same official, preserved content that GPO has made available through FDsys for the last seven years. The govinfo website will eventually replace the FDsys website, but the new website does not have any impact on GPO’s policies, practices, and procedures regarding the long-term digital preservation or authentication of content.

govinfo is a redesign of the FDsys public website, with a focus on implementing feedback from users and improving overall search and access to FDsys content. The redesigned, mobile-friendly website incorporates state-of-the-art innovative technologies and includes several new features for an overall enhanced user experience.

The key new features include:
– a new modern look and feel,
– the capability to link related content,
– two new ways to browse content: alphabetically and by category,
– a new open-source search engine,
– enhancements to the search filters, and
– more options for sharing pages and content on social media.

To learn more about the new features and enhancements govinfo has to offer, refer to Release Notes – govinfo Beta Launch….

Recent Publications:
Congressional Record
Daily Digest for today’s Congressional Record
Federal Register
Table of Contents for today’s issue of the Federal Register
House Calendar
Most recent Calendars of the United States House of Representatives
Senate Calendar
Most recent Senate Calendar of Business
Most Recent Documents
Documents published in the last 24 hrs
Most Recent Bills
Bills published in the last 24 hrs

Browsing Features:
A to Z
Browse documents by alphabetical order
Browse documents in specific collections
Browse documents within a timeframe or date range
Browse documents by the issuing committee
Author (coming soon!)
Browse documents by government authors