The Federal Election Commission: Enforcement Process and Selected Issues for Congress

Source: R. Sam Garrett, Congressional Research Service, CRS Report, R44319, December 22, 2015

….This report provides Congress with a resource for understanding the FEC’s enforcement process and context for why enforcement is consequential. Enforcement represents broader debates about what the FEC does and what it should do, and what federal campaign finance policy is and should be. The FEC can determine how to prioritize enforcement activities and can manage its response to ongoing campaign finance policy disagreements. The agency has less or no control over other aspects of its environment, such as the enforcement process mandated in FECA. CRS Report R44318, The Federal Election Commission: Overview and Selected Issues for Congress, by R. Sam Garrett provides an overview of the FEC generally, including attention to organizational and administrative matters that are related to but distinct from the enforcement topics discussed here. This report will be updated occasionally as events warrant….