Friedrichs: An Unexpected Tool for Labor

Source: Heather M. Whitney, New York university Journal of Law & Liberty, Forthcoming, this version: November 6, 2015

From the abstract:     
In this piece I make three claims: (1) once Abood is overturned, the exclusive bargaining regime itself violates the First Amendment rights of unions; (2) “right to work” regimes do not exact a takings from unions (a departure from my earlier view), and; (3) Friedrichs and other cases like Knox and Harris, while commonly understood as contributing to the decline/death of labor, may in fact be mobilizing a more politically conscious (and potentially radical) form of labor.

How the Friedrichs v. Calif. Teachers Association SCOTUS Case Could Actually Be a Boon for Unions
Source: Shaun Richman, In These Times, Working In These Times blog, December 11, 2015