Trends in collective bargaining coverage: stability, erosion or decline?

Source: Jelle Visser, Susan Hayter & Rosina Gammarano, International Labour Organization (ILO), Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Issue Brief no. 1, 29 September 2015

From the press release:
New research from the ILO quantifies changes to the coverage of global collective bargaining after 2008. While some countries have experienced increased coverage, most have seen declines…. Figures from a new ILO database on industrial relations show that collective bargaining has come under pressure in many countries since the start of the global financial crisis in 2008. The new IRData tool includes indicators on trade union density and collective bargaining coverage in 75 countries. It was launched together with a brief highlighting the major trends on collective bargaining. According to the brief, collective bargaining coverage varies significantly between countries, from just about 1 or 2 per cent in Ethiopia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Peru to nearly 100 per cent in France, Belgium, Austria and Uruguay….