The Union of the Future

Source: Michelle Miller, Roosevelt Institute, Thought Brief, Next American Economy Convening, July 6, 2015

Michelle Miller, co-founder of, asks what the union of the future will look like. … As remote work has become easier, so too has the transition to the use of independent contractors instead of full-time employees. …. In essence, we have an entire government and union structure designed to ensure economic stability for workers—but one that no longer matches the situation in which many people actually work. …. The union of the future will be structured radically differently to meet the needs of workers in the emerging platform-based economy. It will transition from focusing solely on generating and supporting collective bargaining agreements to providing a variety of services to these workers. It will only thrive in a federal policy environment that is willing to reimagine its own definitions of work. The union of the future will combine elements of platform-based global networks of employees, facilitated mutual aid, and revamped trade unions. ….