Stronger Together: How Unions Help Strengthen Families and the Nation

Source: Democratic Staff of the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce, October 2015

…. Unions could help these workers bargain for a better deal. But for too long, Republican lawmakers have been trying to kill off unions by weakening the protections available under the law for workers’ organizing efforts. And all too often, employers manipulate the law and engage in illegal tactics that make it extremely difficult for workers to form a union. Despite these obstacles, as this report documents through data analysis and workers’ own accounts, joining a union and bargaining for better wages and working conditions has been and remains among the best ways to raise wages, reduce inequality, and restore the link between productivity and prosperity. The workers who share their views on the critical importance of unions in this report make a powerful case for strengthening protections for workers’ fundamental right to choose a union. Lastly, there are steps Congress can take to restore workers’ ability to bargain for their fair share. This report offers important recommendations toward that end. …..