Pay Up! Long Hours and Low Pay Leave Workers at a Loss

Source: Allyson Fredericksen, Alliance for a Just Society, Job Gap Economic Prosperity series, October 2015

From the press release:
Throughout the nation the idea of a $15 minimum wage is rightfully gaining momentum. However, a new report by the Alliance for a Just Society released today shows that $15 is really a modest proposal, and is not even a living wage in most states.

Nationally, the living wage for a single adult ranges from $14.26 an hour in Arkansas to $21.44 in Hawaii.

At $7.25 an hour, the current federal minimum wage, workers would have to put in up to110 hours a week (as is the case in Hawaii) to cover the basic costs of living for just one person.

A full-time job should mean stability, not struggle. The report, “Pay Up! Long Hours and Low Pay Leave Workers at a Loss” reveals that the minimum wage in many states is halfthe pay a single adult needs to cover basics like housing, food, utilities, and transportation.

The numbers are more disturbing when a worker is also supporting children – even with two parents working full time…..