Cops and Body-Worn Cameras – Lessons Learned from Phoenix’s Deployment of Body-Worn Cameras

Source: Vivian Elliott and Mike Kurtenbach, PM Magazine, Vol. 97 no. 10, November 2015

Interest in body-worn cameras (BWCs) has grown rapidly among law enforcement agencies nationwide ever since controversial police use-of-force incidents have transpired in communities across the United States. Diverse groups that include law enforcement, civil rights leaders, politicians, and even the public support the use of this technology due to its potential to enhance transparency and public trust, promote accountability, and improve officer safety.

Over the past year, police departments have deployed cameras on their officers, improved their current body-camera policies and programs, or begun exploring their possible use. When this was written, at least 35 states are working on BWC legislation regarding funding for the technology, video storage and retention, and policies or regulations regarding camera and video use.

The federal government also supports this movement toward BWCs. At the close of 2014, President Obama proposed investing $263 million in body-worn cameras to strengthen community policing…..