Severe Weather Risk Increases Need For Policies

Source: Maureen Minehan, Employment Alert, Vol. 32 no. 18, September 4, 2015
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….More than half (52%) of employers believe severe weather events have become more common in recent years, according to a recent survey by Travelers, the property and casualty insurer. Nearly one-third (32%) also believe it is increasingly likely that their property and equipment will be damaged as a result of extreme weather in the future. Unfortunately, a separate survey by office supplies retailer Staples suggests employees do not have much faith in their employers’ ability to respond to severe weather. A majority of employees participating in the survey believe their employers have not reassessed safety plans or prepared themselves to handle hot temperatures, snow and ice, cold, blizzards, earthquakes and hurricanes. Nearly half of employees also reported they had been expected to report for work in conditions they felt were unsafe…..