Emotional Inequality: Solutions for Women in the Workplace

Source: VitalSmarts, 2015
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From the summary:
What if your colleagues discriminated against you, just for being assertive? Unfortunately, gender bias is a reality in today’s workplace. A new study from VitalSmarts reveals women’s perceived competency drops by 35 percent and their perceived worth by $15,088 when they are equally as assertive or forceful as their male colleagues.

Emotional inequality is real and it is unfair. And while it is unacceptable and needs to be addressed at a cultural, legal, organizational, and social level, individuals can take control. Those who use a brief framing statement that demonstrates deliberation and forethought reduce the social backlash and emotion-inequality effects by 27 percent.
Emotional Inequality: Skills to Minimize Social Backlash
Source: David Maxfield, Joseph Grenny & Chase McMillan, VitalSmarts, Research Report, 2015

Emotional Inequality: Solutions for women in the workplace
Source: David Maxfield, Joseph Grenny & Chase McMillan, VitalSmarts, eBook, 2015

Gender Bias Is Real: Women’s Perceived Competency Drops Significantly When Judged As Being Forceful
Source: Kathy Caprino, Forbes, August 25, 2015

A new study by New York Times bestselling authors, Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield revealed that gender bias in the workplace is real, finding that women’s perceived competency drops by 35% and their perceived worth falls by $15,088 when they are judged as being “forceful” or “assertive.” Compare this with the drops in competency and worth that men experience when being judged as forceful: their competency drops by 22% and their worth falls by $6,547. This significant difference reveals a true gender bias that prohibits women from succeeding fully in leadership and management roles where assertiveness is, of course, a crucial behavior…..