Source: French Institute for Public Health Surveillance and Bordeaux University, 2015

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Ev@lutil is a database consisting of document databases containing description and measures of existing occupational exposure situations and job-exposure matrices giving average exposure estimates for all possible jobs.

The Evalutil program is based on a set of databases accessible via Internet and related to the assessment of occupational exposures to fibres and nanometric particles. The fibres are targeted asbestos and man-made mineral fibres (MMMF). MMMF are defined as mineral wools (glass, rock, slag), refractory ceramic fibres (RCF), continuous filaments of glass and special-purpose glass fibres (or Microfibres®). The nanometric particles (NP) are defined by solid particles with dimensions less than 100 nm, aggregates and agglomerates are included if their constitutent particles are in this size range. The NP studied have an anthropogenic origin, unintentionally emitted by work processes (UNP) and manufactured for commercial purposes (MNP).

The Evalutil databases provide assistance for assessing occupational exposures in order to: (i) guide decisions about preventive measures and medical surveillance of exposed workers; and (ii) facilitate exposure assessment in epidemiological studies about the health effects of such exposures.

The searchable fields include: 1- Source (author, laboratory ….), 2- Year published, 3- Country (includes USA), 4- Worker’s occupation (ISCO 1968), 5- Industrial sector of the site cheked (ISIC 1975), 6- Asbestos containing materials (ACM), 7- Operation on ACM