College Police and Security Officer Pay Improving with the Economy

Source: Robin Hattersley Gray, Campus Safety, August 3, 2015

Public safety employee wages are higher than in 2011, but most police and security departments at U.S. institutions of higher education are grossly understaffed. … In 2011, 49 percent of novice sworn police officers on college campuses made more than $35,000 per year, while today, 63 percent make more than that amount. In fact, 9 percent make more than $50,000 per year. For their nonsworn brethren, nearly half (49 percent) who are just starting their careers now make more than $25,000 per year. In 2011, only 40 percent made more than that amount. The median pay rate for nonsworn security/public safety officers has also increased from $23,500 per year in 2011 to $25,000 today. It should be noted, however, that more nonsworn officers are now in the lowest pay bracket compared to four years ago. In 2011, only 11 percent were making $20,000 or less per year. Today, 17 percent make that amount. ….

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