The Employer-Led Health Care Revolution

Source: Patricia A. McDonald, Robert S. Mecklenburg, Lindsay A. Martin, Harvard Business Review, Vol. 93 nos. 7/8, July-August 2015
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….Intel’s pilot Healthcare Marketplace Collaborative (HMC) was launched in metropolitan Portland, Oregon. Over five years, it successfully implemented new clinical processes for treating six medical conditions and for screening patients for immunizations status and illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Although assessing the HMC’s full impact was not easy—and in a number of cases impossible given how the experiment was designed—the results that could be measured were significant: The HMC reduced the direct costs of treating three of the conditions by 24% to 49%—a tremendous accomplishment in an industry where slowing the rate of cost increases is considered a major achievement…. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Healthcare Marketplace Collaborative model and the elements that were critical to its success…..