State Financial Security Scorecards

Source: National Institute on Retirement Security, 2015

NIRS’ new State Financial Security Scorecards summarize the economic outlook for retirement security in every state. The two-page downloadable State Scorecards are designed to serve as a tool for policymakers to help identify potential areas of focus for state-based policy interventions to improve Americans’ retirement prospects.

Each State Scorecard gauges the relative performance of the fifty states and the District of Columbia in three key areas: anticipated retirement income; major retirement costs like housing and healthcare; and labor market conditions for older workers.

What is your state’s score? Click on a state to download a fact sheet with the details.

NOTE: Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are not included in this study.

Download all 51 of the scorecards in one PDF here.

An explanation of the methodology underlying the scores and data points is contained in The Financial Security Scorecard: A State-by-State Analysis of Economic Pressures Facing Future Retirees.

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