Providing Treatment. Promoting Rehabilitation and Reducing Recidivism: An Initiative to Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Los Angeles County

Source: Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, August 4, 2015 (draft version)

From the press release:
….The 41-page report inventories existing resources and sets priorities that include:
– Expanding training for law enforcement personnel;
– Increasing the number of co-deployed law enforcement teams; and
– Adding community-based beds to house and treat mentally ill individuals, particularly those with criminal records….

….The task force’s top priority is Critical Incident Training (CIT) for law enforcement personnel.
The training is designed to raise awareness of and sensitivity to mental health issues and provide law enforcement personnel with concrete tools to interact more effectively and compassionately with mentally ill persons in the field.

When fully implemented, the training is expected to reduce litigation and judgment costs in Los Angeles County and other participating cities. The Sheriff’s Department estimates that up to 40 percent of all use of force incidents involve mentally ill persons, according to the report.

The task force recommends support for the sheriff’s six-year plan to train 5,355 patrol deputies in a 40-hour CIT course. In addition, it endorses efforts of the District Attorney’s Criminal Justice Institute to provide similar 16-hour training for the 48 smaller municipal police agencies throughout Los Angeles County. The task force also recommends increasing the number of co-deployed law enforcement teams to defuse potentially violent situations involving mentally ill people throughout Los Angeles County.The specially trained teams are comprised of a mental healthcare clinician and a law enforcement officer…..