Job growth since the recession: A long, slow rehab

Source: Ronald A. Wirtz, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Fedgazette, July 2015

From the summary:
The slow pace of job growth masks wide variation in employment activity among industries, and tight, slow-growing labor markets may make faster job growth difficult. …. Since the end of the recession, overall job growth has been fairly steady, but comparatively slow. This broad picture obscures the fact that various industry sectors have recovered at different paces in Ninth District states, reflecting both the steepness of their decline during the recession and their subsequent rate of job growth in recovery. Health care has witnessed surging employment, with robust job growth both during and after the recession, while the construction industry fell hard and is still working to return to prerecession levels. Sources in many fields suggest that jobs would grow faster were it not for persistent labor shortages, and a slow-growing labor force will likely supplant the recession and weak demand as the major obstacle to more rapid job growth. ….

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