Workplace Violence and Harassment of Low-Wage Workers

Source: Elizabeth Kristen, Blanca Banuelos and Daniela Urban, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, Vol. 36 no. 1, 2015
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From the abstract:
Low-wage workers face harassment and violence in the workplace. These vulnerable workers then face tremendous obstacles in seeking justice. In this article, attorneys from the Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center and California Rural Legal Assistance discuss patterns they see in low-wage worker harassment and violence cases. Citing to real worker experiences, this article addresses industry-based challenges for restaurant, agricultural, homecare, and domestic workers, as well as specialized concerns for LGBT and undocumented workers. This article discusses both the barriers low-wage workers often face in deciding to take legal action and the challenges they confront when they do seek justice. Finally, this article proposes strategies for legal advocates in helping combat violence and harassment in the workplace.