Symposium on the Voting Rights Act in the Wake of Shelby County v. Holder

Source: Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy, Vol. 17 no. 2, 2015

Articles include:
Jackals, Tall Ships, and the Endless Forest of Lies: Foreword to Symposium on the Voting Rights Act in the Wake of Shelby County v. Holder
Anthony Paul Farley

Eviscerating the Voting Rights Act and Moral Authority: Freedom to Discriminate Comes with a Price
Patricia A. Broussard

Elimination Dance
Sarah Jane Forman

The Past as Prologue: Shelby County v. Holder and the Risks Ahead
J. Corey Harris

Demography and Democracy
Phyllis Goldfarb

Any Is Too Much: Shelby County v. Holder and Diminished Citizenship
Peter Halewood

Still Fighting after All These Years: Minority Voting Rights 50 Years after the March on Washington
Deborah N. Archer

The Second Reconstruction Is Over
Robert V. Ward Jr.

The Voting Game
Sarah R. Robinson

Setting Congress up to Fail
Magaret B. Kwoka

Electoral Silver Linings after Shelby, Citizens United and Bennett
Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

Shelby County v. Holder: A Critical Analysis of the Post-Racial Movement’s Relationship to Bystander Denial and Its Effect on Perceptions of Ongoing Discrimination in Voting
Abra S. Mason

Legal Post-Racialism as an Instrument of Racial Compromise in Shelby County v. Holder
Pantea Javidan

Post Oppression
Christian B. Sundquist

Frederick Douglass on Shelby County
Olympia Duhart

Preferential Judicial Activism
Sudha Setty

Shelby, Race, and Disability Rights
Ravi Malhotra

Unseen Exclusions in Voting and Immigration Law
César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: How the Supreme Court’s Decision in Shelby County v. Holder Eviscerated the Voting Rights Act and What Civil Rights Advocates Should Do about It
Pamela Edwards

The Blinding Color of Race: Elections and Democracy in the Post-Shelby County Era
Sahar F. Aziz

Unmistakably Clear: Human Rights, the Right to Representation, and Remedial Voting Rights of People of Color
Matthew H. Charity

Toward a Fundamental Right to Evade Law? The Rule of Power in Shelby County and State Farm
Martha T. McCluskey

After NFIB v. Sebelius, When Does the Cost of Voting Become an Illegal Poll Tax?
Andre L. Smith

The Post-Shelby County Game
Steven R. Morrison

Backsliding: The United States Supreme Court, Shelby County v. Holder and the Dismantling of Voting Rights Act of 1965
Bridgette Baldwin

On the Repeal of the Voting Rights Act and the Breadth of the Long Counter Revolution
Ifetayo M. Flannery

A Fugitive from the Camp of the Conquerors: The Revival of Equal Sovereignty Doctrine in Shelby County v. Holder
Vik Kanwar

Arc of Injustice: Pre- and Post-Decision Thoughts on Shelby County v. Holder
Janai S. Nelson

Charles Walker

The Path Forward from Shelby County v. Holder
Janet W. Steverson

An “Equal Sovereignty” Principle Born in Northwest Austin, Texas, Raised in Shelby County, Alabama
David Kow

Voter Rights and Civil Rights Era Cold Cases: Section Five and the Five Cities Project
Paula C. Johnson