Democratize the Education System! Engaging the Youth in Cooperative Culture

Source: Cliff Martin, Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO), 2015

…. Through joining young people in organizing for education system democratization, we build the movement of worker cooperatives and the solidarity economy. We stand beside them in their fight for liberation; a struggle for freedom that will shape the paradigms and actions of everyone involved far beyond their time in school.

This is a call to action for the solidarity economy and cooperative movement. We must organize, mobilize, and educate around a narrative of ownership and control, who benefits and who decides, with young people in the education system. If we want the world we are fighting and building for, then there must be no institution left behind (except the ones we don’t want i.e. prisons, militaries, etc.). These ideas and frames can connect us for much needed unity, clarity, and capacity. From the workplace to the school; solidarity! In our movement, we must have both. ….

….. Young People’s Action Coalition is an democratic, youth-run organization dedicated to intersectional movement building among high school aged young people in Minnesota. YPAC has four major components:
1. Popular/political education on social and environmental justice issues, root causes, and movement building strategy.
2. Mobilizing young people to direct actions and other events in solidarity with other organizations and campaigns.
3. Publishing and distributing a zine with art, interviews, and articles from young people across MN.
4. Running a worker cooperative farm and teaching and engaging in systemic change strategies.