2015 Healthcare Rules Heading in a New Direction

Source: John Greene, HR News, Vol. 81 no. 5, May 2015
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Year after year studies show that healthcare futurists place their bets by making the best strategy move when placing their bets. However, in this case, it is a terrifying and exciting experience because they can always go back to validate what trends the team was able to key in on and the degree it shaped the events of that year. It even identifies what might have caught us by surprise. In 2014, unequivocally the rates and scale to which the Ebola pandemic spread was an unforeseen game-changer. The terms of predictions came to pass; the team really was honed in on some of the major players that would become involved, which is a trend that should continue into 2015. However, there is plenty of time to look back at 2014. Let’s move onwards into 2015. Here’s what you can expect this year……