States Find Savings Through Medicaid Expansion

Source: Michael Ollove, Stateline, April 29, 2015

Medicaid expansion has given a budget boost to participating states, mostly by allowing them to use federal money instead of state dollars to care for pregnant women, inmates, and people with mental illness, disabilities, HIV/AIDS, and breast and cervical cancer, according to two new reports. States that levy assessments and fees on health care providers, which have collected higher revenues as a result of expansion, have reaped extra benefits. …. The RWJ report examined eight Medicaid expansion states: Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia. It found that those states, selected for their regional and demographic diversity, will save (or collect) a total of $1.8 billion through Medicaid expansion by the end of 2015. …. The KFF analysis, which looked at Connecticut, New Mexico and Washington state, concluded that those states have experienced “state savings and revenue gains with limited costs resulting from expansion, even as some potential fiscal gains have not yet been tracked.” ….
States Expanding Medicaid See Significant Budget Savings and Revenue Gains
Source: Deborah Bachrach, Patricia Boozang, and Dori Glanz, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, State Health Reform Assistance Network, Issue Brief, April 2015

The Effects of the Medicaid Expansion on State Budgets: An Early Look in Select States
Source: Stan Dorn, Norton Francis Laura Snyder, and Robin Rudowitz, Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2015