Introduction to the Special Issue: Human Resource Management in Parks and Recreation

Source: Michael Mulvaney, Amy Hurd, Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, Vol. 33 No. 1, 2015

From the abstract:
Arguably the most critical asset for park and recreation agencies is human resources. Generally representing more than 60% of park and recreation agencies’ yearly operating budget, human resources put the material resources (i.e., financial and physical) into use and convert them into recreation programs and services (Bartlett & McKinney, 2004). Park and recreation professionals guide and shape their agencies and communities in many ways, including the creation and implementation of new ideas and strategies; innovative programs, parks, and facilities; internal and external relations; decision-making and problem solving; and overall leadership. Simply put, human resources are the primary drivers of the success and, at times, challenges for park and recreation agencies.

Articles include:
Managers’ Perceptions of Entry-Level Job Competencies When Making Hiring Decisions for Municipal Recreation Agencies
Keith Fulthorp, Melissa H. D’Eloia

Exploratory Research on Changing Times Affecting Human Resource Management, Perceptions, and Professional Norms of Tennessee Park Rangers
April Varn Welch, Pat Stephens Williams, Ray Darville, Philip Smartt, Matthew McBroom

Professional Certifications and Job Self-Efficacy of Public Park and Recreation Professionals
Michael A. Mulvaney, Brent A. Beggs, Daniel J. Elkins, Amy R. Hurd