Educational Attainment: An Examination of Its Impact on Regional Economic Growth

Source: Stephanie A. Pink-Harper, Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 29 no. 2, May 2015
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From the abstract:
In today’s globalized economy, universities serve as economic growth hubs and as facilitators of higher education. However, the perils of the most recent economic crisis have caused these institutions and their surrounding regional communities to experience an array of challenges. An abundance of the economic development literature consistently illustrates the vital role that human capital can have on a region’s economic prosperity. Thus, this research explores the role that human capital theoretical perspectives have in the production of the long-term stability of a region’s economic growth and development efforts. This research seeks to determine if the level of educational attainment affects the economic growth and development efforts of nonmetropolitan areas with or without a research university. The results of this research provide marginal empirical support for the human capital and institutional intellectual capital theoretical perspectives as promoting economic growth and development.